X3.92     Encryption Algorithm
X3.135    Structured Query Language (SQL)
X3T9.5    Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
802.1     Internetwork Definition
		b General Management
		d Spanning Tree Algorithm
		e System Load Protocol
		g Remote MAC Bridging
		p Traffic Class Expediting and Dynamic Multicast Filtering
		q Virtual LANs
802.2     Logical Link Control
802.3     CSMA/CD (Ethernet) Networks
		aa 100BASE-T
		ab 1000BASE-T
		ad Link Aggregation
		ae 10G/s Ethernet
		z  Gigabit Ethernet
802.4     Token Bus Networks
802.5     Token Ring Networks
		j Fibre-Optic Station Attachment
		q Virtual Bridged LANs: Source Routing
		r Dedicated Token Ring
		t 100 Mbit/s Dedicated Token Ring
		u Optical Fiber Physical Layer for 100 MBit/s
		v Gigabit Token Ring
802.6     Metropolitan Area Networks
802.7     Broadband Technical Advisory Group
802.8     Fiber-Optic Technical Advisory Group
802.9     Integrated Data and Voice Networks
802.10    Network Security Technical Advisory Group
802.11    Wireless Networking
802.12    Demand Priority (100VG-AnyLAN)
802.13    Not used
802.14    Cable-TV Based Broadband
802.15    Wireless Personel Area Network
802.16    Broadband Packet Ring
I.120     Integrated Serives Digital Networks (ISDNs)
I.420     Basic Rate usernetwork interface
I.421     Primary Rate usernetwork interface

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