ISDN Disconnect Causes

Cause No. ISDN Close Description
1 Unallocated (unassigned) number
2 No route to specified transit network

No route to destination

6 Channel Unacceptable
7 Call awarded and being delivered in an established channel
16 Normal call clearing
17 User busy
18 No user responding
19 No answer from user (user alerted)
21 Call Rejected
22 Number changed
26 Non selected user clearing
27 Destination out of order
28 Invalid number format
29 Facility rejected
30 Response to status enquiry
31 Normal, unspecified
34 No circuit/channel available
38 Network out of order
41 Temporary failure
42 Switching equipment congestion
43 Access information discarded
44 Requested circuit/channel not available
47 Resources unavailable, unspecified
49 Quality of service unavailable
50 Requested facility not subscribed
57 Bearer capability not authorised
58 Bearer capability not presently available
63 Service or option not available, unspecified
65 Bearer capability not implemented
66 Channel type not implemented
69 Requested facility not implemented
70 Only restricted digital information bearer capability is available
79 Service or option not implemented, unspecified
81 Invalid call reference value
82 Identified channel does not exist
83 A suspended call exists, but this call identity does not
84 Call identity in use
85 No call suspended
86 Call having the requested call identity has been cleared
88 Incompatible destination
91 Invalid transit network selection
95 Invalid message, unspecified
96 Mandatory information element is missing
97 Message type non-existent or not implemented
98 Message not compatible with call state or message type non-existent or not implemented
99 Information element non-existent or not implemented
100 Invalid information element contents
101 Message not compatible with call state
102 Recovery on timer expiry
111 Protocol error, unspecified
127 Interworking, unspecified


Last Updated 28 January 2001

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